Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego: Opening New Pathways to Mental Well-being

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Unlocking the Challenges of Traditional Mental Health Solutions

In San Diego, where the serene backdrop of the ocean contrasts with the silent struggles of individuals grappling with mental health issues, a new dawn arises with Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego. Conventional therapeutic and medicinal interventions, while beneficial, sometimes fall short in providing comprehensive relief to those submerged in the depths of mental health disturbances. Here, the quest for a more profound, holistic approach becomes not merely a wish but a necessity, paving the way for innovative therapies that intertwine medical advancements with empathetic, tailored care.

The Credible Choice for Your Wellness Journey

Strategic Counseling, nestled at 1304 North Melrose Drive Suite J. Vista 92083, surfaces as a vanguard in delivering Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego, merging certified expertise with sincere compassion. Our therapeutic protocols are developed upon a robust foundation of scientific research, combined with a genuine understanding of the multifaceted human experience, ensuring that your journey towards mental wellness is both empirically sound and humanely gentle, crafting a sanctuary where scientific prowess and emotional understanding dwell in harmonious synergy.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego

Your Struggles Echo in a Space of Empathy and Expertise

We perceive the silent echoes of your struggles, responding with a Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego that envelops your pain in a warm embrace of scientific and emotional solace. At Strategic Counseling, your internal battles find a listening ear and a proficient ally, ensuring that every therapeutic stride is not merely a step but a meaningful advancement towards mental tranquility. Engage with a therapy that does not merely administer but comprehensively understands and navigates the intricate corridors of your mental and emotional realms.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego

Illuminating the Rich Tapestry of Benefits

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego does not merely signify a treatment but symbolizes a journey towards a life where every moment is not overshadowed by mental tumult. Envisage a reality where your mental faculties breathe in a serenity, enabling you to traverse through life's moments not as a mere observer but as an active, joyous participant. Through a refined blend of ketamine therapy and continuous emotional support, we escort you through a path where every step is a gentle transition from turmoil to tranquility, from opacity to clarity, and from surviving to thriving.

Embarking Upon a Voyage Towards Mental Clarity

Your voyage with Ketamine-Assisted Therapy In San Diego, facilitated by Strategic Counseling, is a sojourn from the present into a future where your mental wellbeing sails smoothly upon serene waters. Engage with us, through a simple connection at 760 207 6617, and commence a journey where every step is a conscientious stride towards a mental environment where peace is not transient but perennial, and clarity is not sporadic but consistent, crafting a reality where every moment is lived, cherished, and profoundly experienced.

Choose Strategic Counseling: Navigating You to Wellness

  • Engage with a team of certified, deeply empathetic specialists.
  • Experience a bespoke therapeutic plan, sculpted to your unique needs.
  • Immerse in a scientifically-validated, structured therapy protocol.
  • Be part of a holistic mental wellness journey, encompassing mind and spirit.
  • Relish in a transparent, collaborative therapeutic environment from start to end.

Discover the Healing Power of Ketamine-Assisted Therapies

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Ketamine Assists With


Ketamine has shown promising results in alleviating symptoms of PTSD by creating new neural pathways in the brain, helping to reduce the intensity of traumatic memories and providing rapid relief from chronic stress and anxiety.


Ketamine has been shown to rapidly alleviate symptoms of depression by targeting and modifying certain neural pathways in the brain, often providing relief where traditional antidepressants have been ineffective.

Long Standing Pain

Ketamine, known for its unique analgesic properties, can provide significant relief for chronic pain by altering pain pathways in the brain and reducing inflammation, potentially offering a new lease on life for those suffering from long-term pain conditions.


Ketamine has shown promise in helping individuals with OCD by rapidly reducing symptoms through its unique ability to modulate glutamate, a neurotransmitter in the brain, thereby potentially offering relief where traditional treatments may have fallen short.


Ketamine has shown promise in rapidly reducing symptoms of anxiety by altering neural pathways and enhancing neuroplasticity, offering new hope for those seeking effective relief.

Biopolar Disorder

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Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Treatment Plan

  • Ketamine Treatments generally last 2 to 21/2 hours.
  • Ketamine Treatments use an oral form of Ketamine called Troches that dissolve in the mouth over a period of 20 minutes. The other form of Ketamine is a rapid acting, liquid Nasal Spray, that can be combined with the oral form of the medication.
  • The process begins with a 15-minute, virtual, medical screening by a Nurse Practitioner.
  • Once cleared by the Nurse Practitioner, a prescription is sent to a pharmacy that will fill the prescription and send it to your home address.
  • Patients bring their medication with them to their treatment sessions and use it under the supervision of a licensed Psychotherapist who is certified in both Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Therapy.
  • Prior to each treatment session, patients establish an intension for their session or "journey". Therapy is conducted during the session as challenging sub-conscious material emerges. Integration of what was discovered is processed. A plan is generated for applying the discoveries to the patient's life, following each treatment.
  • Current research-based treatment protocols include six successive Ketamine Treatments, conducted in one-week intervals, over a period of six weeks.
  • The process is repeated 6 times. Patients determine if they have reached their treatment goals and begin to apply their new discoveries to their life by making the changes revealed to them during the treatment process (much like having a life altering, unforgettable and undeniable intense dream).
  • Patients also have the option to micro-dose the medication both between treatments and following the 6-treatment protocol. If desired, the Nurse Practitioner will reorder the medication at the conclusion of the protocol in the follow-up interview.
  • Some patients may seek an additional 6-week protocol shortly after or several months after their initial treatment, depending on their level of severity. Others may desire another protocol within 6 months to a year and some may find that one protocol is sufficient to satisfy their treatment goals.
  • The cost for one protocol of six Ketamine Treatments is $2,400.00
  • The cost of the medical screening and post protocol follow-up interview is $350.00.
  • The total cost of both forms of the Ketamine Medication is approximately $150.00.
  • Treatment can be performed in-person or virtually. If done in-person, patients are not allowed to drive until they have waited at least one hour after their treatment. Having a ride afterward is preferred. If virtual treatment is desired, a "safety-sitter" is required to be present during the treatment to assist with any physical needs that may arise.
  • A superbill will be provided for those seeking insurance reimbursement.
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